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  • Robert Weed

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Saves Marian's House

Before her husband died, Reston widow Marian had taken out a reverse mortgage on her home. That way, they hoped, she wouldn’t have a house payment and she’d never have to worry about having a place to live. But after a couple years, Marian got a reverse mortgage foreclosure notice. She had forgotten to pay her Fairfax County property taxes.

Marion’s house was scheduled to be sold out from under her on July 28. We filed Chapter 13 on July 27. That stopped the foreclosure and the Chapter 13 plan gave her five years to pay the mortgage company back for those taxes.

Then she applied and got Fairfax senior citizen tax relief. No more real estate taxes and her house was saved.

Her budget is very tight, but she will save her house.

You can find out more detail here.

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